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John Marshall & Company has a long trading history in the New Zealand wool industry, and through WoolExchange believes it is offering an innovative service to the industry.

WoolExchange provides a convenient and less expensive alternative for growers and suppliers to the traditional methods of disposing of their wool .

Because all wools placed on WoolExchange have been independently tested, and valued by experienced staff at John Marshall & Co, buyers can be confident that any lots they purchase will meet their specifications. This is reinforced by John Marshall's guarantee of quality.

In WoolExchange, we have sought to create a system which meets the needs of the industry, whilst also being simple to use. The search capability of WoolExchange does this, and allows users to search very quickly for their particular requirements without having to view all lots available.

As the ultimate seller of the wool is not disclosed on WoolExchange, sellers can place wool for sale on WoolExchange without disclosing their identity to the industry.

Furthermore, as all contracts are entered into with John Marshall & Co Limited, users can be confident that contracts will be honoured.